Bible Teaching for Wisdom

Why another book on teaching? Frankly because, despite all the valuable resources available to teachers, much teaching in the church remains anemic. Many of those considered the “best of the best” still teach Bible facts rather than the Bible. Even many of those who teach straight from the biblical text fail to show their learners how the Bible applies to daily life. At the other extreme, some who do teach application jump right to personal application without regard for the truth of the passage written, as it were, to an audience far removed from us in time, language, geography, and culture.

The simple approach in this book will help you see profound change in those you teach. Rather than teaching fun facts, you can learn to teach transforming truth from the Bible. Written for teachers in the church, the method presented can be learned quickly and then mastered over a lifetime of teaching.

The author, Danny R. Bowen, is a veteran Bible teacher who returned to school to learn to teach more effectively and to equip other teachers in the church for effective ministry. His passion for solid teaching is evident throughout this short book. The content is gleaned from studies and research for a Master of Divinity and a Ph.D. The approach is based on theory and practice. But, understanding and applying the method taught requires only a heart for being used by God to equip the church for ministry (Ephesians 4:11–16). The layout of the book follows the method, which is based on helping learners answer the effective four questions.

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